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Finding and Utilizing the Best Mobile Health Apps

Thinking about health, diet, hydration, workout, sleep cycle and meditation is nearly impossible in daily routine. Luckily, internet and technology in 21st century has hundreds of apps to keep a track of your fitness and health. With the best health mobile apps. It is easy to download your companion for a healthy body and mind. Here is a short list of the best and free health apps to be download in 2019.

1) MyFitnessPal: It is the best mobile health app that motivates and tracks your daily caloric intake and exercise. When connected to pacemaker, it also counts your daily steps so that your know how to keep yourself healthy and fit.

2) Endomondo: Another best health app to monitor your walk, run, cycling, climbing, golf and ice-skating with GPS tracking. It can also be linked to other apps such as heart rate monitors, Polar Flow, Google Fit, and Garmin connect to keep all your health record sync at one place.

3) Shleep: This app helps to monitor and improve the quantity and quality of sleep at night. With the help of short videos, tips, exercises and suggestions, shleep helps to find effective ways for improving sleep cycle gradually.

4) Seven minute workout training challenge: With its interactive interface and specific exercises and training plans, this app helps in achieving different workout goals like weight loss, strength training, weight gain or any other health goal without the use of special equipment. With its rewards in the form of hearts, it helps you to stick with it for a longer time.

5) QuitNow: This app counts the number of cigarettes smoked every day and the money you save on the number of cigarettes avoided daily. It also shows the health achievements and possible improvement in physical condition after avoiding smoking. There is a community page for this app where you can share your progress for motivation.

The basic versions of all these apps are free to use but there are advanced features that can be accessed after paying a minimal fee. The paid versions have more health benefits and rewards for long term motivation about fitness and well-being.

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