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Infection Control

For people who work in the healthcare industry and other professions that are regularly exposed to medical emergencies, an infection control course covers the ways to keep people safe from infectious bloodborne diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis B.

Read through the questions below to learn more about Infection Control Courses and find out how to enroll in an infection control course online.

What Does an Infection Control Course Cover?

An infection control course provides training on how to avoid the transmission of bloodborne and airborne diseases while treating an injury. Not only does it highlight the common diseases, the course also covers how to take precaution against exposure and what to do if exposure occurs. Furthermore, it teaches what personal protective equipment to use when handling and disposing infectious materials as well as how to cleanup from a bio-hazardous spill.

Why Is an Infection Control Course Important?

For people who work in healthcare, it’s not uncommon to be exposed to blood on a regular basis. Considering that HIV and Hepatitis B are two infectious diseases that are carried in blood, it’s important to know how to limit the risk of exposure.

How Is the Infection Control Course Different From Standard First Aid Training?

While first aid training covers the basics, an infection control course delves deeper into how to handle an emergency situation. You’ll learn how to survey the scene of the trauma and assess the best way to safely handle the emergency while limiting the risk of exposure.

Who Should Take an Infection Control Course?

While people working in the medical or healthcare fields obviously benefit from an infection control course, it’s also good for people who work in education and athletics or anywhere that may have a higher likelihood of blood being spilled.

How to Find an Infection Control Course Online?

SimpleCPR offers a nationally accredited Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control course that offers OSHA compliant training. The online course takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and the wallet certification card can be printed immediately after taking the online exam. Once completed, the certification is good for two years.