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Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Sugar is one of the most common ingredients in food. Everyone loves dessert but what we don’t realize is that we are killing ourselves. Cold drinks, candies, tea, and even baked foods as well contain a lot of sugar. Not only that even savory foods such as tomato sauce, bread, and protein bars, can have sugar.

People intake so much sugar and they don’t even know realize it. They also don’t realize that the intake of high amount of sugar can lead to many troubles. Here are the top 10 points which are the result of intake excess amount of sugar.

  1. Sugar can weaken your immune system which can create a lot of health problems. It can also cause a disturbance in the mineral percent in a body.
  2. Having a high amount of sugar can result in anxiety, hyperactivity, troubles in concentrating, and bizarreness in children. It can create a remarkable increase in triglycerides.
  3. Too much intake of sugar causes decreases in defense against bacteria and infections (infectious diseases). That’s not all, it can lead to the decrement of tissue function and elasticity.
  4. Sugar decreases high-density lipoproteins and causes chromium deficiency.
  5. Eating too much sugary products can cause cancer of the ovaries and can increase fasting levels of glucose.
  6. Sugar can cause a copper shortage and it can absorb magnesium and calcium and will affect eyes as well.
  7. A high amount of sugar intake can increase the level of norepinephrine, neurotransmitter, serotonin, and dopamine as well.
  8. Having an excess amount of sugar can result in hypoglycemia.
  9. Sugar can lead to trouble in the digestive system, premature aging in young age, the quick increment of adrenaline levels in children and tooth decay.
  10. High sugar intake can cause advanced glycation end products.


This isn’t the end of the list. Eating an excessive amount of sugar can have many negative health impacts. This doesn’t mean to eliminate sugar from their diet but to limit it. Life is better if everything is in balance and if people fail to maintain that balance then this can result in something horrible.

health apps

Finding and Utilizing the Best Mobile Health Apps

Thinking about health, diet, hydration, workout, sleep cycle and meditation is nearly impossible in daily routine. Luckily, internet and technology in 21st century has hundreds of apps to keep a track of your fitness and health. With the best health mobile apps. It is easy to download your companion for a healthy body and mind. Here is a short list of the best and free health apps to be download in 2019.

1) MyFitnessPal: It is the best mobile health app that motivates and tracks your daily caloric intake and exercise. When connected to pacemaker, it also counts your daily steps so that your know how to keep yourself healthy and fit.

2) Endomondo: Another best health app to monitor your walk, run, cycling, climbing, golf and ice-skating with GPS tracking. It can also be linked to other apps such as heart rate monitors, Polar Flow, Google Fit, and Garmin connect to keep all your health record sync at one place.

3) Shleep: This app helps to monitor and improve the quantity and quality of sleep at night. With the help of short videos, tips, exercises and suggestions, shleep helps to find effective ways for improving sleep cycle gradually.

4) Seven minute workout training challenge: With its interactive interface and specific exercises and training plans, this app helps in achieving different workout goals like weight loss, strength training, weight gain or any other health goal without the use of special equipment. With its rewards in the form of hearts, it helps you to stick with it for a longer time.

5) QuitNow: This app counts the number of cigarettes smoked every day and the money you save on the number of cigarettes avoided daily. It also shows the health achievements and possible improvement in physical condition after avoiding smoking. There is a community page for this app where you can share your progress for motivation.

The basic versions of all these apps are free to use but there are advanced features that can be accessed after paying a minimal fee. The paid versions have more health benefits and rewards for long term motivation about fitness and well-being.

hands only CPR

Save Lives through Hands-Only CPR

Irregular heartbeats in cardiac arrest disturbs the blood flow to lungs, brain and other organs which can ultimately lead to death. Reaching the hospital on time or getting the quickest first aid are the only possible ways to save life. American heart association claims 90% of the deaths from cardiac arrest are due to unavailability of nearest hospital. Immediate CPR either from mouth-to-mouth breaths or by hands is the life saver in this situation. Some people think that hands-only CPR is not as effective as CPR with breaths. CPR with breaths is actually compression of chest along with oxygen delivery through mouth. This provides the oxygen artificially for circulation. CPR with breath requires special skills of an expert. Finding an expert nearby a cardiac arrest patient is as risky as reaching the hospital on time. Here comes the need of Hands-only CPR which can be done by anyone who knows the basic procedure. In this technique, both hands are pushed fast and hard in the center of the chest in a speed just like a song with 100-120 beats per minute. Doing this for first few minutes of arrest pushes the remaining oxygen through the body to keep the organs working until an expert arrives or the person reaches hospital. Thus, hands only CPR will buy the time for CPR or medical aid which usually is not very near to the sufferer. Getting immediate hands-only CPR from the nearest available person increases the chances of survival after the cardiac arrest. While CPR with breaths is applied to individuals of all ages such as adults, children, infants and teens, Hands-only CPR is recommended only for teens and adults. Let us spread the word to save more lives by providing immediate hands-only CPR aid to the nearest victim., a fully accredited agency, offers easy online training and CPR certification that follows AHA guidelines. You can view the online courses at your own pace and take the certification test when you are ready. The best part is, all of the courses are valid in all 50 states (and Canada) and they come with a money-back guarantee.