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How to Get CPR Certified for Your Job

Are you concerned with the wellbeing of others? You may be a great fit for a job as a medical professional.

Whether you’re new to the medical field or have worked in one for years, you find helping people incredibly rewarding. However, getting up to date on the latest standards of health are a constant requirement. You may need to know how to get CPR certified to keep doing what you love.

CPR certification is commonly required for many jobs in the medical and healthcare field. From nurses and surgeons to pediatric care specialists, these jobs require you to know how to get CPR certified quickly.

Knowing how to treat an unresponsive patient can be potentially lifesaving. Learn how to get CPR certified to help save someone’s life.

What Jobs May Require CPR Certification?

Patients depend on your care and empathy. With CPR certification, you can help them recover from emergencies.

However, not all online CPR certification is created equally; yours must meet OSHA requirements with the equivalent of American Red Cross CPR certification. If your certification does not meet these requirements, you could find that all your work was for nothing.

Get the certified equivalent of American Red Cross CPR classes to meet your occupational needs:

As a nurse, aide, or part of a hospital staff, you’ll need to know how to treat minor to serious wounds and resuscitate unresponsive adults. Adult CPR and first aid can provide you with knowledge of how to treat adult patients.

When working as a public school teacher, daycare specialist, or other childcare worker, child CPR can be a tremendous benefit. You’ll have the expertise to care for children of all ages, from infants to toddlers and up. If someone’s child starts choking, you’ll know just how to handle the situation.

Other safety occupations, such as police officers, firefighters, and flight attendants, may also require certification. These are fast-moving jobs, which means you must learn how to become CPR certified as soon as possible.

What if I Need My CPR Certificate Now?

Jobs in medical fields can be demanding. When people’s health and needs are on the line, can’t afford to spend weeks in hands-on classes.

What can you do?

With online CPR classes, it’s easier than ever to take a CPR AED course and get certified. These classes are set at your own pace and comfort, teaching you everything you’d learn in an in-person class. What’s more—with SimpleCPR courses, you will be able to print your CPR certification card immediately upon completion.

Whether you’re purchasing CPR training for your workgroup or looking how to become CPR certified on your own, SimpleCPR classes can help you meet your needs. Because good healthcare can’t wait—choose an equivalent certified Red Cross first aid training class and get certified today!

Taking First Aid and CPR Classes for Certification

Taking first aid and CPR classes to become certified is often a necessity for anyone working in public service jobs, or potentially high-risk jobs such as construction or electrical work. However, these classes are not just for professionals; anyone can take CPR and first aid classes simply for personal preparedness and safety knowledge.

Becoming certified in CPR is extremely rewarding. Cardiac arrest is common in our world today and can occur at any age for many different reasons. Small children can suffer cardiac arrest from asphyxiation by choking on toys or falling in the water, severe allergic reactions or even an asthma attack can trigger cardiac arrest, and of course heart attacks and strokes are a common precursor to cardiac arrest. In the event of any one of these emergencies, a bystander, family member, or friend can provide CPR while EMS is notified. Quick and efficient CPR can make all the difference in the survival of the person experiencing cardiac arrest.

In the same way, the knowledge of first aid procedures derived from taking CPR and first aid classes is important when it comes to scene safety and care for injuries. While most situations that require first aid will be minor, these are still necessary skills to have in order to prevent and/or treat burns, cuts, sprains, or heatstroke. First aid skills can be used anywhere at any time and are especially vital if you are in a position of caring for others such as children, the elderly, or those who may have a handicap.

Online first aid and CPR classes are the easiest way to receive your certification because they allow you to work at your own pace, which often leads to better information retention. SimpleCPR offers CPR and first aid classes at a cost-effective rate for anyone who might be interested in becoming certified or even just learning about what it could mean to save a life. For more information, visit our FAQ page for answers regarding general questions such as online courses and certifications.

What is CPR Training?

At SimpleCPR, our goal is to inform and inspire you by showing you how first aid and CPR training can make a difference. By answering “What is CPR training?” and other related questions, you’ll be able to handle any situation—from serious wounds to cardiac arrest.

With the right training, you can learn how to perform CPR and identify an emergency—and the necessary skills to help.

Who Needs CPR Training?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you’re looking to get CPR and first aid certification. CPR can benefit other people besides medical professionals or those working in similar fields. Even an average person walking down the street can use CPR training. Even you!

If you do have an occupation in a medical field, the job may require you to get CPR and first aid certification. You have to know how to handle emergencies that may come up. You must also keep up to date with the latest health standards to ensure you’re providing the absolute best help.

In an ideal world, everyone should have first aid and CPR training. Anyone who would like to have the capacity to help someone can get trained in CPR. And it won’t take years of med school to achieve!

At the very least, CPR training can start with you!

What is CPR Training Like?

Now that you’ve committed to signing up for online CPR classes, you might be wondering what to expect. How long will the class take? What skills will you learn?

Well, depending on the class, you’ll learn specialized lifesaving CPR instructions suited to that particular course.

  • Adult CPR
  • Child CPR
  • First Aid
  • AED Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control

As for how long your class may take, we have good news for you. Online classes can fit into any schedule because they teach you at your own pace. You’ll learn quickly, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Online classes are the efficient, modern way to learn CPR!

Where Can I Get Online CPR Training?

If you’re looking for quick, informative CPR and first aid training, you’ve come to the right place. You can get trained in CPR, first aid, AED, and even bloodborne pathogens right here at!

We at SimpleCPR want to encourage you to get CPR training. It’s a useful skill to have, and it’s easy to obtain. So head online, choose your class, and get started—you’ll learn lifesaving skills in no time at all. Work to make a safer world, become CPR certified, and save a life today!-