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CPR and First Aid Training Online

Simple CPR is the leader for CPR and first aid training online. We have developed user friendly CPR online courses that provide all proper techniques and information you will need towards your certification. Whether you want to do basic first aid/CPR training online or need to get Infection Control Certification, we will provide you the skills you need in an emergency situation.

BLS Certification Online

When you complete your BLS Certification online you will feel confident to come to someone's aid when a crisis arises. We offer online CPR training that covers CPR for adults and CPR for a child or infant. You can even brush up on your skills through our CPR recertification class. Each course follows the latest American Heart Association ECC guidelines and is nationally accredited so you don't have to worry that your organization will not accept it. Your training could help you save a life one day, whether you are a medical professional or a daycare associate, you will always be prepared.

Other Training And Certifications

Although first aid training has prepared you with basic life-saving skills there is much more to learn. Through bloodborne pathogen training you can learn how to protect yourself and others during an emergency situation involving blood. This infection control certification follows OSHA standards of what steps should be taken to reduce and eliminate hazards introduced by blood. Blood borne pathogen training will help you to better attend to the person you are caring for while taking precautions for your own well-being.

Fast, Easy And Convenient

Simple CPR makes it fast and easy to get CPR and first aid training online at a low cost without having to leave the comfort of your home. We are dedicated to helping you learn what you need to for your certification; that is why you can retake your test as many times as you need without being charged for it. When you have completed your training and test you can print out your card immediately. Fast, easy and convenient so you can get your certification and get back to your duties.


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CPR Training At Simple CPR
CPR training online at Simple CPR has fulfilled the needs of thousands of satisfied customers from around the country! Nationally accepted in all 50 States and all Canadian Provinces.