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CPR Classes

When a crisis occurs, are you prepared to take control?

CPR classes from SimpleCPR prepares you for any situation with an unresponsive victim. When calling the medical authorities is the extent of many people’s CPR and first aid training, a victim’s condition may worsen in that time.

CPR certification from our CPR classes will let you do more than simply wait for the ambulance. The training you receive can let you not only help the situation but you could even save a life.

Here’s why you should consider SimpleCPR for your CPR classes:

Save Time with Online CPR Classes

Although you see the appeal of taking CPR classes and learning the knowledge from it, you might not be able to fit a CPR class into your busy work schedule. And if you’re also raising a family, going to school, or pursuing other hobbies, taking a CPR class just may not be an option.

With SimpleCPR’s CPR classes online, you won’t have to worry about fitting a CPR class into your busy life. You can take as much time as you need to learn skills such as the CABs, as well as mouth to mouth and chest compressions. Trust us—you won’t find a hands-on CPR class which lets you learn at your own pace.

Each CPR class you take from SimpleCPR can be completed in 60 minutes or less. No need to tie up all your time driving to and from lengthy CPR training seminars. And if time is precious to you, a CPR class has you covered. You can split up your time on your online CPR class and spend as much time as you want to learn, studying, and passing your exam.

Get Online CPR Training and Get Accredited Today

Imagine you’ve just been hired in a healthcare facility. But then you find out your CPR certificate is not accepted! If you need immediate CPR certification for a job requirement, you can’t afford to take weeks of training–not to mention waiting around for your certificate to come in the mail.

SimpleCPR has had over 99% of those certified accepted by their organizations. And with 98% passing our course exams on the first try, SimpleCPR has added talented, qualified, and knowledgeable individuals into the workforces of medical facilities all over the US and Canada.

Our CPR training classes are also perfect for getting CPR recertification. Instead of attending a month-long course every two years, why not take it online?

Choose SimpleCPR for Your Safety Education Needs

Now that you know the reasons why you should take your CPR classes online, the next step is simple. Choose a CPR class that works for you or bundle it with a number of other classes to save and learn all the skills you need.

Take control of a crisis; learn CPR today!

CPR Recertification