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The American Heart Association or Red Cross: Which is Best for CPR Certification?

Whether for work, personal knowledge, or school, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Training is necessary to save a person’s life. No matter if it’s a part of your job or not, CPR or first aid certification is an important skill to acquire. Professionals like fitness instructors, teachers, and lifeguards must require CPR certification. This life-saving technique helps maintain blood flow to the heart and brain during life-threatening emergencies like stroke or cardiac arrest. With proper knowledge in CPR and providing immediate medical attention, there are increased chances of survival. This entails the importance of CPR training and investing your time in getting a CPR and First-Aid Certification would be vastly beneficial.

To become certified in CPR, you’ll need to attend formal training and pass a written exam. You’ll have to exhibit that you can perform CPR or first aid understanding the requirements of the technique.  

Now, if you have decided to get your CPR certification online, you have lots of options. Two organizations: the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Red Cross will come up while you search for the best CPR classes online. These are the two most popular and widely recognized organizations for CPR training.  

AHA & ARC- Most Renowned CPR Training Providers

American Heart Association (AHA) is a research organization responsible for research as well as establishing the guidelines for CPR training which are widely accepted and used throughout the country. It also promotes the learning of CPR through its research. The American Red Cross, on the other hand, promotes and offers CPR training based on the latest guidelines and research. 

Both the American Red Cross (ARC) and American Heart Association (AHA) are reputed organizations that offer best-in-class CRP training programs online for healthcare providers, corporate, students, and individuals of other prospects.   

Types of Courses Offered by AHA & ARC

Both ARC and AHA offer courses ranging from basic first aid and CPR to offerings for healthcare professionals like ALS (Advanced Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and BLS (Basic Life Support). They provide CPR classes online at varying levels beneficial for laypersons and community members, healthcare personnel, corporate CPR training, and others. Find the specific courses offered by these organizations below.

Courses Offered by ARC:

  • CPR for Schools and the Community: Teaches students on how to administer hands-only CPR.
  • CPR for Professional Rescuer: CPR classes for students on how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants, children, and adults.
  • CPR for the Workplace: Enables small or large groups of individuals to receive CPR training. It allows employers to educate their employees about CPR and create safer work environments.

AHA CPR Certification Courses:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers: For individuals in the healthcare industry like pharmacists, registered nurses, and other medical professionals. The course focuses on administering adult, child, and infant CPR, assisting conscious and unconscious choking victims, the importance of the breathing barrier, and more.
  • Heartsaver CPR AED: Ideal for lay people of all ages and skill levels. It helps individuals learn the technique of providing CPR to adults, children and infants. Teachers, babysitters, physical therapists, and others can take this course.

Heartsaver CPR, AED, and First Aid, Family & Friends CPR, CPR Anytime (Adult or Adult & Child), and Hands-only CPR, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Heartcode Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) are other CPR training courses offered by AHA.

Note that CPR courses and training offered by AHA are more in-depth because they research on the proper CPR guidelines. 

Before moving on to decide which CPR certification is best, let us know the key similarities and differences between the two-AHA and ARC.


In general, the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross are most probably equivalent in terms of courses offered and learning techniques. Both are accepted at many healthcare facilities and hospitals. Some of the key similarities include:

Both AHA and ARC organizations offer traditional classroom CPR training, CPR online classes, and blended learning options, like in-person courses. CPR non-certification courses for laypersons can be taken online entirely. However, if you are looking for a CPR certification, you’ll need to undertake skills testing and evaluate with a licensed instructor online. Other similarities include:

Both AHA and ARC use guidelines for CPR training as established by the AHA. While AHA sets up the guidelines, ARC adheres and teaches its principles.

  • Both offer CPR First Aid Certifications and CPR/AED Certifications to healthcare professionals as well as laypeople.

Differences between the AHA & the ARC CPR Certifications

There are few variations between AHA and CPR Certifications, and the differences are based on various factors like Course Structure, Certification & Class Length, Price, Difficulty Level, and Certification Acceptance. Refer to the table below.

Components AHA (American Heart Association) ARC (American Red Cross)
Background Researches and provides CPR guidelines. Use guidelines established by AHA.
Course Structure More in-depth and practice-oriented courses. Has a varied fee structure. You have to pay for three things separately on taking a blended-learning, certification focused CPR class: The Online Course, The Skills Check, & The Manual). Everything, including the manual and skills, is covered in the up-front price. You can either undertake the entire course or a skills test.
Certification Length 2-year certification; AHA is the best choice for a standard CPR certification for laypersons. Good for one or two years, depending on the level of CPR Certification.
Class Length AHA CPR classes are shorter, usually. Were significantly longer than AHA (Now, the same length as AHA)
Price Slightly less expensive than ARC and vary significantly since private companies handle the classes. Excellent skills reference guide with the class price.
Difficulty Level More extensive and more challenging. Requires a passing score of 84% or higher. A passing score of 80% or higher in the final exam would be sufficient.
Certification Acceptance More widely known and accepted by healthcare professionals and the AHA certifications lasts longer- for 2 years followed by CPR renewal. Most ARC courses are valid only for a single year, except the health provider course.

Now that you understand the similarities and differences between AHA and ARC CPR courses, are you wondering which would be your best choice? Well, here we help you with that, too. We recommend you to decide on the CPR certification course based on your objective and requirements. 

An organization’s CPR classes may better fit your requirements and meet your goals than the others. For instance, AHA CPR Certification would be best for healthcare professionals as many hospitals and healthcare centers widely accept them. Ask yourselves the below questions before signing up for a course.

  •       What is your objective, and what does your workplace require?
  •       Which courses are currently available?
  •       What CPR classes are near my place?
  •       Will your employer or school accept the course?

Answer these questions before you sign up for a CPR certification course.


With CPR classes becoming a necessity, taking the perfect CPR course that suits your requirements would benefit you. Both the American Heart Association and American Red Cross are exceptionally good organizations that offer equally good CRP courses. Both are accepted at many workplaces, hospitals, or schools. Just check with your employer before taking a CPR course, and you should be able to choose the one that’s ideal for you.

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What are the Benefits of Learning CPR Online?

Did you know that the chance of survival for cardiac arrest victims has gone up by 200%? A renowned organization has stated this in its report, provided that CPR should be administered within the initial two minutes of the attack.

More and more people are realizing the importance of learning CPR, and CPR certification is becoming increasingly popular. Learning how to perform CPR in a traditional classroom setting is beneficial. However, with the current scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic and people being left with very little time, learning CPR online is the quickest and surest way of learning these skills.

Also, the good news is that the CPR certification has been made available online for your convenience. Several reputed organizations offer online CPR classes that will help you become a certified cardiovascular resuscitator.

Let’s jump into the benefits of CPR online classes!

Here, we help you with some top advantages of online CPR training.

Varied CPR Certification Courses

You can find varied CPR certification courses available online, right from Basic CPR classes, First-aid Certification to advanced Adult CPR/AED training, Pediatric CPR classes, BLS CPR certification online for Healthcare providers, CPR & First-aid Adult-Child-Infant CPR Classes, Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, and more.

You can choose the CPR course that best fits your requirements and adds value to your current or future employment.

Class Length

Online CPR classes are shorter that will only take a few hours of your time to learn. Approximately, it takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours based on the type of CPR course you choose. Besides, the classes are tailor-made to suit individuals’ requirements and you can study at your own pace.

Another interesting point is that some classes are set up in a hybrid style that allows you to take 80% of the course online and the remaining 20% could be done hands-on and in-person for practical knowledge and experience. This gives you the advantage of taking a large portion of the course anywhere and anytime you want.

Standardized Curriculum

The online courses maintain a standardized curriculum and guidelines as set by the American Heart Association. The modules are interactive and you can retake them if you feel like you haven’t completely grasped the information.


One of the biggest benefits of attending a CPR course online is that you’ll have the flexibility to take the course anytime you want, either in the morning, evening or even during weekends whenever you have free time. Just get connected to the internet on your smartphone or laptop, and you are good to go.

Self-paced Learning

Most online CPR courses are tailor-made that let you learn at your own pace without feeling dragged behind by anyone. Self-paced learning allows you to access materials at your speed, which means you can focus on things you find challenging and breeze past things that you already know. This promotes greater efficiency and minimizes wasted time. 


Online CPR certification provides you the convenience to take the classes from anywhere and be certified without being physically present in the classes.

Easy & Unlimited Access

Online classes help you have easy and unlimited access to resources. You can revisit the modules if you need a refresher or for revision. Moreover, the learning centers help you choose the right material for your course with extensive resources available online.


Online CPR certification courses are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending more. Also, some organizations let you take multiple testing attempts free of cost.

AHA Recognized

Most organizations that offer CPR or First-Aid certification online are AHA-recognized. However, make sure the course you sign up for is recognized by the American Heart Association and accepted by your employer.

Being aware that online CPR certification classes are beneficial, it is essential to consider a few important points before choosing a CPR class online. Read on.

While choosing a CPR course online, make sure it meets your specific requirements, relates to your job, or for specific medical conditions for which the risk of cardiac arrest is high. In addition, pay attention to the below things in advance of enrollment.

  • In the first place, check if the institution you choose to enroll for a CPR certification is AHA recognized and accepted by your employer.
  • Check if it is an accredited organization that follows the guidelines set up by AHA. The curriculum or training materials should meet the standards followed by ARC or AHA.
  • Verify if the instructors are certified or trained with the perfect track record of their certifications being accepted by reputed organizations.
  • Have a look at the varied CPR courses offered, and the course you consider signing up for meets your requirements and is valuable.
  • Go through the teaching modules and instructional tools they use for the training and make sure everything falls in place to become efficiently certified.
  • Last but not least, consult if the fee is affordable and meets your budget.

To sum up, do thorough research and background check to get trained as a professional cardiovascular resuscitator.

Final Word

Learning CPR makes a difference between the life and death of a person in need. With online CPR Certification classes, you can become certified at the pace of your convenience and at less time and price. An online and AHA-approved CPR certification course would be the ideal choice if you are planning to learn CPR at your convenience.

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The Importance of Taking BLS Training

What is a BLS Certification? 

Basic Life Support (BLS) training is a must-have first-aid resuscitation in emergencies until professional medical help arrives. The BLS technique is useful when a person suffers from health issues like drowning, choking, feels unconscious, or encounters cardiac arrest.

Taking BLS training helps in providing first-aid care to victims during emergencies and makes a difference in lives.

BLS training is specifically important for medical professionals, social workers, teachers, day-care providers, and security guards. Individuals working in other professions can also learn BLS as a life-saving measure.

With 50% of heart attacks occurring outside hospitals, it is important for individuals to know how and when to perform BLS. BLS training provides the necessary skills and knowledge of what skills to be performed and when.

Many reputable institutions offer Basic Life Support training courses online with BLS Certification. While it is essential for persons in the healthcare field to obtain a BLS Certification, the training benefits individuals in other professions, too.

BLS training is more extensive and provides a higher level of knowledge and skills than a CPR course.

Some of the skills taught in BLS training includes:

  • CPR algorithms for adults, children, and babies.
  • Treatment for adults, children, and infants who are choking.
  • The significance of using Automated External Defibrillators (AED).
  • Importance and use of teams during Multi Rescuer Resuscitation.

Getting trained in BLS Toronto is fast and easy with Simple CPR online classes. Simple CPR is the leading organization that offers BLS training most effectively and efficiently. All our BLS Toronto online and First Aid classes are based on the AHA guidelines.

Whether you are a medical professional or a daycare associate in Toronto, we will provide you with the best BLS Certification online.

Here is why getting the BLS Certification is important.

Increased Confidence

Being confident is essential when you are dealing with emergencies and performing CPR or first-aid techniques. The BLS training helps you get trained with appropriate skills and techniques and gives the confidence to act quickly on time.

Besides, the training also reduces hesitation to act while encountering an emergency and will empower you to take control of a critical situation.

An adequate BLS training and practice will give you the secured feeling and help make decisions regarding the actions. BLS Certification will also make others believe in you as a professional to help them during an emergency.

Being Prepared Always

Getting a BLS Certification means you are skilled, trained, and always prepared to perform first-aid for all kinds of situations. The training and knowledge you gain from the BLS training will allow you to assist others in the workplace or outside.

People with BLS have the skills to act swiftly no matter what the situation is, when it is required or where they are. It means you’ll be able to assist whenever or wherever an emergency arises.

The BLS Toronto courses prepare you to handle all sorts of emergencies, from choking and drowning to critical head injuries or cardiac arrest.

Benefits in Employment

BLS Certification also helps you set yourself apart from others while seeking new employment in any field. BLS Toronto will make a good impression on your resume and have an incredible impact on your career.  It’s because the employers are more favorable towards BLS-certified applicants who can administer life-saving techniques like CPR.

While in some cases, BLS Certification is set as an eligibility criterion for employment, like in healthcare, it provides a good impression for other kinds of jobs also.

The skills will help you assist your colleagues during an emergency in the workplace and perform the basic first-aid treatment until help arrives.

Moreover, the BLS Certification is recognized both nationally and worldwide. While it’s crucial to get trained in BLS, choosing the appropriate BLS training provider and course are equally important.

Simple CPR provides the best CPR certification and BLS Certification online at a low cost and in the comfort of your home. All of our courses are conducted online, and the BLS training classes in Toronto will prepare anyone with life-saving skills.

Simple CPR is dedicated to helping any Toronto resident or healthcare professional learn all needed for BLS Certification. You can also retake your test as many times as you need free of charge.

Upon completing your BLS training online, you can print your card and BLS certification immediately. Join now!