Hands-Only CPR

The American Heart Association endorses a Hands-Only CPR method for teens and adults who collapse anywhere outside of a hospital.

The AHA determined that by eliminating mouth-to-mouth, more bystanders might actively engage in CPR. The Hands-Only CPR technique is so simple, nearly anyone can do it.

There are two steps; first, call 9-1-1, or have someone else call, and remember to stay on the line with the operator until help arrives.

The second step; administer hard and fast pumps in the center of the chest. The AHA is looking for 100-120 pushes per minute, at a depth of about 2 inches.

Keep this routine up until help arrives, and, if you must stop, make sure to have someone take over for you.

About half a million people experience cardiac arrest each year, but less than 15% survive, according to MedPageToday. If these sad statistics don’t motivate, consider that one of the victims could be you. Get CPR certified today.

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