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Get Your First Aid and CPR Certification on Your Mobile Device

SimpleCPR, the leader in First Aid and CPR certification online, is proud to announce that their courses have just become more accessible than ever! CPR and first aid certification courses are now available on smartphones and tablets! With this new improvement, CPR classes that were already quick and easy have become even faster and more efficient. Customers from around the world are now able to earn their adult CPR certification, infant CPR certification, or first aid certification while in the comfort of their own home, or even on the go.

SimpleCPR offers online CPR certification courses that are fully accredited, valid and widely accepted throughout the United States and Canada, as well as many other countries. Each course is designed to maximize learning and promotes information retention so clients can feel confident in their ability to understand and perform the lesson material. Short exams after each course module ensure that the course information has been understood and can be correctly applied. All SimpleCPR courses can be completed in 30-90 minutes, and clients can immediately print out the digital copy of their certification card within seconds of their course completion, or simply wait for their hardcopy certification card to arrive in the mail.

CPR training online at SimpleCPR has fulfilled the needs of thousands of satisfied customers from around the country, and this expansion to mobile offering will only increase the classes’ convenience. To learn more about becoming CPR or first aid certified or recertified online with SimpleCPR, visit today!

About SimpleCPR:

SimpleCPR, the leader in First Aid and CPR certification online, has been in business for over 20 years, certifying hundreds of thousands of people in CPR and First Aid. Their staff of highly trained medical professionals has developed simple and easy-to-understand training courses that ensure students are ready to act in real emergencies.




Get Your CPR Certification On the Go!

Mobile Devices

If you thought receiving your CPR certification entirely online was convenient enough, you might have to think again! With SimpleCPR’s new upgrade to mobile devices, you can now learn CPR and first aid anywhere and at any time on your smartphone or tablet. We all lead busy lives, which is why SimpleCPR understands that maximizing your learning environment is an important step in achieving your personal goals, such as becoming CPR or First Aid certified.

Being professionally trained in either CPR or first aid, whether in person or online, means that you are learning how to save someone’s life; you are learning how to be that person that is not afraid to step-in in an emergency situation. This kind of knowledge should not be taken lightly, and it should be readily available no matter where you happen to be or what device you are currently using. Accessible life-saving information, convenient access to multiple training courses, full exams, and your official certification card are only a few of the ways that SimpleCPR has committed to bringing you everything you need while you are on the go.

Besides bringing you full mobile service, though, SimpleCPR strives to give its valued customers the very best in online CPR and first aid training. Fully accredited training courses that are quick, efficient, dynamic, and effective provide maximum learning for all participants. Also, exams located at the end of every training module help with information retention and overall learning. Even on your mobile device you can still immediately access your certification card and download it for official use. Overall, SimpleCPR is your one stop for receiving your first aid or CPR certification anywhere, and at any time.

To learn more about SimpleCPR’s training program and available courses, please visit You could become CPR certified today!