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Advanced CPR Training

CPR Training – The Course That Can Save Someone’s Life

One of the difficult tests of life is the ability to respond to a sudden situation, especially when it comes to an emergency. The day we become flourish to handle it, will surely make us feel proud. To achieve that success,  the most required is the capacity building. The advancement in science and technology has to lead to new innovative outcomes, the spectacular results of the life-saving tool, CPR, is still unmatchable at the time of emergencies.

The first requisite is to enhance your willpower and to balance your ability to tackle while seeing your near ones struggling. The procedure to follow while having CPR training is the same for all age groups, but there is a need to give special attention in case of children. There are proper guidelines assigned by different International organizations that encourage CPR methodology.

CPR certification course by The National CPR Association, comes with three credentials. All of them are in a solitary and exceptionally streamlined manner. The course is formulated with proper assistance from health care providers. The primary motive of our online course is to train you with real authentic CPR methodologies. As it is an online course, it has a better chance to reach to the masses. Students, employees, businessmen, teachers, people from all professional backgrounds can opt this course. Rather than being a ‘want’ based course, it is a ‘need’ based course. Who knows, you might save someone’s life someday because of the knowledge gained through this course.

We will give you the entire test preparation material and practice papers. The materials are organized by our expert healthcare specialist to make it easily understandable. Here, you will get an extensive knowledge about passing the AED certification level for CPR. The training topics include varied topics like cardiac arrest, drug overdose, choking issues, and External Defibrillators, etc. After getting the training, you will become fully fledged CPR giver.

We provide you with the best opportunity to explore your potential for social benefit. After clearing the exam, you will receive an email certification, which includes your details and passing date. The National CPR Association has done everything conceivable to guarantee that your CPR, AED, and emergency treatment preparing are as viable and quick as could reasonably be expected!

3 Potentially Lifesaving Skills You Didn’t Know You Could Learn Online

These days, it’s hard to think of anything that you can’t do online, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. You can make friends or meet the love of your life. You can find employment. You can even start your own business. Best of all, you’re always just a few keystrokes away from learning just about anything you’d like.

Online distance learning has been a thing for years now. However, you might be surprised to know that you can even receive formal training in regards to practical skills that could be potentially lifesaving. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most important.

1.     Adult, Child, and Infant CPR

Short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR is a lifesaving skill that most of us are at least marginally familiar with. It’s also the type of skill a lot of us mean to formally learn someday, but never quite get around to. A lot of us assume that we’re pretty unlikely to actually need it ourselves when, instead, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the United States, alone, more than 360,000 people experience cardiac arrest every year and could benefit from receiving CPR. More than 80% of those that experience cardiac arrest collapse at home.  That means that family members, friends, and other bystanders – not doctors, nurses, and medical personnel – are going to be the first people in a position to administer immediate CPR. Even so, more than 70% of people say they’d be uncomfortable performing it, either because of a lack of training or because of training that’s out of date.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be able to attend a traditional class at a brick and mortar facility in order to learn CPR anymore. You can undergo formal training that adheres to the highest medical standards, and even receive your official certification by taking an affordable, simple, convenient course online instead. You can learn specific techniques designed especially for use on children and infants, as well.

2.     Basic First Aid

You can also take professional level first aid courses online so that you’re as prepared as possible to respond quickly when it comes to emergencies. Formal first aid training isn’t just for doctors and nurses, either. Every parent and childcare professional should consider learning how to respond to emergency situations they’re likely to encounter. Personal trainers, coaches, industrial workers, and a variety of other professionals could also benefit greatly.

To get the absolute most out of your online first aid training, consider taking a combination course that teaches you both first aid response and CPR procedures. Learn how to handle burns, potential poisoning cases, general illnesses, stroke, diabetic situations, and more. If you’re someone who needs to know how to respond to emergencies involving children or infants, make sure you sign up for a course that specifically addresses the differences between handling children and adults as part of the curriculum.

3.     Infection Control

Emergency situations that expose responders and well-meaning bystanders to blood and other bodily fluids are common. Do you know how to respond to emergencies that involve exposed blood? Do you know the basics of how to prevent exposure to blood-borne pathogens and to control the spread of infection in general? If not, you can learn how online, thanks to real medical courses offered by fully accredited organizations.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about protecting yourself and others from infectious diseases like hepatitis B, HIV, and AIDS. Topics covered include but are not limited to proper hygiene practices, bio-hazard clean-up procedures, universal precautions to take, and more. This type of course is especially beneficial for professionals that are commonly exposed to potential biohazards, including housekeepers, janitors, dental workers, healthcare professionals, industrial workers, plumbers, and home care providers.

The Benefits of Learning First Response Skills

The decision to go from simply thinking about CPR or first aid training to actually getting it is commendable for many reasons. Such training means you’re better equipped to be the best possible parent, spouse, caregiver, friend, or citizen you can be, because you know what to do in case of emergency. You also gain an instant advantage professionally, as well, even if you don’t happen to work in healthcare or medicine.

Make sure you take your online CPR courses or first aid courses with an accredited establishment with a spotless reputation like SimpleCPR. SimpleCPR is one of the most trusted providers of formal first response training in the entire world. Complete your training and earn your official certification online today!

Why Learn CPR?

CPR infographic

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Can you believe that only 70% of the American public knows how to perform CPR. Especially considering how many people go into cardiac arrest annually, and how effective CPR can be if administered to a cardiac arrest victim, it’s a very discouraging number.

Think about it this way: in your lifetime, someone you know and love is likely to suffer from cardiac arrest and require CPR to save their life. The more people who know how to administer CPR, the more likely this person will make a full recovery. Even if you know how to do CPR, you should also encourage others to learn as well. It’s quite a useful tool when done correctly and swiftly.

And learning CPR is easy peasy with Simple CPR. Just a few hours and you’ll be ready to be the local hero! ONline CPR has never been easier! Don’t be one of the 70% of Americans who can’t step in and save a life! Learn CPR with Simple CPR today!