mobile healthcare applications

The Expanding Role of Technology in Healthcare

Numerous technological advancements have connected the daily lifestyle of people with substantial health care benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

mobile healthcare applications

Innovative Mobile Applications:

• The confluence of Smartphones and healthcare technologies is just remarkable. The development of different healthcare applications in Android devices is providing considerable benefits to people having lifestyle diseases due to their stationary work environment.
• These devices help in tracking the distance you traveled, calorie burnt, speed, live tracking, running goals and much more.
• Some examples are Google Fit, Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker, Nike Training Club, etc.

fitness band

Fitness Bands:

• The bands are some of the most innovative healthcare products of our time. They are famous for being convenient and providing real-time assistance to health-conscious people. The way they work is magnificent as there are ample feature starting from tracking distance, calories, blood pressure, heartbeat, sleep and many others.
• Some famous fitness bands are: Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit Bip, GOQii Vital, Mevofit drive, Misfit Flash, Samsung Fitness band, etc.

virtual doctor assistance

Virtual Doctors Assistance:

• With the increasing workload and unhealthy lifestyles, the proportion of people looking to doctors for consultation has drastically decreased.
• To cope up with this situation, there are numerous advancements among the healthcare sector to make contact between the patients and the doctors more frequently. The motive is to provide quality care with frequent medical advice.
• One popular applications working on this scenario is Teladoc enables patients to connect with doctors via a phone call or over the internet and get professional medical advise.
• Another great virtual resource is online CPR training. Learning CPR from the comfort of your own home and on your own time means that these amazing life-saving skills are available to almost anyone.

medical machine

High-tech Medical Machinery:

• The list of medical devices, providing healthcare facilities is uncountable. The benefit of these equipment is realized after being in Health Care Centers. The use of equipment further depends upon the type of diagnosis of the patient.
• Some of the examples are automated MRI machines, CT scans, BP machines, X-ray machines, Lasers and many more.
• There are also some innovative equipment for home convenience like BP checker, Glucose monitoring machine for diabetic patients, etc.



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