What is CPR Training?

At SimpleCPR, our goal is to inform and inspire you by showing you how first aid and CPR training can make a difference. By answering “What is CPR training?” and other related questions, you’ll be able to handle any situation—from serious wounds to cardiac arrest.

With the right training, you can learn how to perform CPR and identify an emergency—and the necessary skills to help.

Who Needs CPR Training?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you’re looking to get CPR and first aid certification. CPR can benefit other people besides medical professionals or those working in similar fields. Even an average person walking down the street can use CPR training. Even you!

If you do have an occupation in a medical field, the job may require you to get CPR and first aid certification. You have to know how to handle emergencies that may come up. You must also keep up to date with the latest health standards to ensure you’re providing the absolute best help.

In an ideal world, everyone should have first aid and CPR training. Anyone who would like to have the capacity to help someone can get trained in CPR. And it won’t take years of med school to achieve!

At the very least, CPR training can start with you!

What is CPR Training Like?

Now that you’ve committed to signing up for online CPR classes, you might be wondering what to expect. How long will the class take? What skills will you learn?

Well, depending on the class, you’ll learn specialized lifesaving CPR instructions suited to that particular course.

  • Adult CPR
  • Child CPR
  • First Aid
  • AED Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control

As for how long your class may take, we have good news for you. Online classes can fit into any schedule because they teach you at your own pace. You’ll learn quickly, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Online classes are the efficient, modern way to learn CPR!

Where Can I Get Online CPR Training?

If you’re looking for quick, informative CPR and first aid training, you’ve come to the right place. You can get trained in CPR, first aid, AED, and even bloodborne pathogens right here at SimpleCPR.com!

We at SimpleCPR want to encourage you to get CPR training. It’s a useful skill to have, and it’s easy to obtain. So head online, choose your class, and get started—you’ll learn lifesaving skills in no time at all. Work to make a safer world, become CPR certified, and save a life today!-

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