Outreach Program Spotlight: Project ADAM

MJS Adam Lemel

Every once in a while, we like to shine a spotlight on a member or members of the community who make it their mission to educate people about CPR and AEDs. Today, we’d like to share a national outreach called Project ADAM.

Project ADAM was started in memorial of a Michigan high school student (Adam Lemel) who died of sudden cardiac arrest during a junior varsity basketball game. Following other similar deaths in the state, Adam’s family, friends, and other supporters got together to start Project ADAM hoping to reduce the amount of sudden cardiac arrest-related deaths.

The goal of Project ADAM is to provide proper training for CPR as well as training and awareness of the importance of AEDs. To date, Project ADAM has been credited with saving 85 lives, including 28 in Wisconsin — about 40% of them youths.

Though we regret the origins of this outreach, we are happy to know of its widespread success. Though young Adam didn’t survive sudden cardiac arrest, there are many lives that have been saved because of the awareness that Project ADAM brought to CPR and AEDs.

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