Hero of the Week: Aly DeMarco!

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

When Aly DeMarco took an infant CPR class, she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. She never had to use it during a babysitting job, but she did end up having to use it for her father, who suffered from sudden cardiac death when he was on a stationary bike at home.

Aly was getting ready to go to school when she heard her dad calling her name. At first she thought he might just be asking her to take care of her younger sister, but she noticed that his voice sounded a little weird. By the time she got to her father, he was passed out on the ground.

Aly called 911 and performed CPR until help arrived. Her dad was hospitalized and in a coma for over a week. When he woke up, he was surprised and impressed that it was his tween daughter who had saved his life.

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