Lightening Strikes Firefighter

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Firefighter Stu Tudor was struck by lightening walking across a parking lot yesterday. An EMT happened to be just behind Tudor and immediately checked for a pulse and breath, and started CPR.

“I’m sure there were five or six other people around there who knew CPR. I just happened to be the first one to get to him,” said the EMT.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and strangers who know CPR. Most cardiac arrests happen at home, where, sadly, CPR is not common knowledge.

If you haven’t yet discussed CPR with your children, or parents, now is a great time to start. Teach the Hands-Only version first. Demonstrate on a stuffed animal, or baby doll. Practice the skill a couple of times a week until your family feels comfortable with it.

As for Tudor, he’s in critical condition, but the CPR gave him a chance at living.

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