Online CPR Training

Online CPR Training

An online CPR course makes it easier than ever to become CPR certified. With an online course, you can learn all the life-saving techniques from the comfort of your home at your own pace. Upon completion of an online CPR course, which is verified by passing an online exam, you will receive a printable CPR certification that is accepted internationally and is valid for two years.

How is an Online CPR Training Different Than An In-Person CPR Training?

For years, CPR training used to be taught in person, but online training is now an accepted method and is comparable to classes taught by the Red Cross and the American Heart Association. Instead of being confined to a scheduled class, which may be held at an inconvenient time or location, an online CPR course allows you to complete your training in your free time in as little as an hour.

What are the Benefits of an Online CPR Course?

In addition to being able to complete the course at home when it’s most convenient for you, you will also be able to refresh your skills following completion of the course by accessing your online course material over the next two years. It’s not unusual to need a quick refresher on some of the details and all the information you need in order to save someone’s life with CPR will be available online.

Where Can I Enroll in Online CPR Training?

SimpleCPR provides several online CPR courses to meet a variety of needs. Choose from Adult CPR/AED, Adult-Child-Infant CPR/AED, Standard First Aid, and combination courses of CPR and First Aid.

Are Online CPR Courses Accepted As Official CPR Certifications?

Although not all CPR courses are created equally, each of SimpleCPR’s courses are nationally accredited by the American Health Association and our certification is accepted by 99% of organizations, including nursing homes, assisted care facilities, schools, hospitals and more.

Online CPR Training Saves Lives

Consider enrolling in an online CPR training course for a quick and effective way to learn CPR and other life-saving methods. An online course lets you learn on your own time and at your own pace. You’ll be prepared to help in an emergency in as little as one hour. Sign up today!

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