The Angel of CPR

A doctor from India lost his adult son several months ago. The son experienced cardiac arrest and nobody knew enough about CPR to step in and help.

A very high percentage—above 90%— of sudden cardiac arrest victims die prior to arriving at the hospital. According the American Heart Association, providing immediate CPR can improve the victim’s odds of survival greatly.

Since the loss of his son, the retired government doctor has become a self-appointed CPR ambassador traveling around India teaching people the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack.

Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops working, which is why the chest compressions are vital. It keeps the heart pumping blood to the brain.

The doctor explains to those he teaches that CPR must be provided in what he calls the “golden hour” —in the seconds immediately following the arrest and prior to even arriving at the hospital.

His younger son, also a doctor, participates in the program by teaching CPR.

Be a hero! Learn CPR.

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