Online CPR and First Aid Certification – What’s Involved

If you need to take a CPR or first aid class in order to become certified either for your job or for your own personal preparedness, you might want to consider an online CPR first aid certification. Online training, whether it is for first aid, CPR, BLS, or bloodborne pathogens, is a convenient way to take your training course from the comfort of your own home.

How to prepare for your online course:

Before signing up for your online CPR and first aid certification, you will need to verify a few things:

  1. Make sure you are certain of the course you need to take. If you are required to have a CPR certification for your job, most employers have specific requirements when it comes to the type of certification they will accept. This is generally based on legal requirements as well as your job position.
  2. Verify that online training is acceptable. While SimpleCPR’s certifications have a 99% acceptance rate, there are still a few employers or positions that require hands-on training or skills testing.
  3. Set aside time for study. Even though SimpleCPR’s online courses can generally be completed in about 30-90 minutes, the classes are entirely self-paced and dependent on how long it takes you to complete the material.

Taking the online course:

The training modules and exams that make up your online course will be the most straightforward part of the online CPR first aid certification process. SimpleCPR breaks each course down into separate modules, comprised of a training portion and an exam portion, to make studying for your exams even easier. Both the training and exams can be taken multiple times until you are able to pass the course.

Receiving your certification:

Once all of your exams are passed and your course is complete, you will have immediate access to the digital copy of your certification card; you can choose to print it directly from your account or download it to your computer. SimpleCPR also offers package options along with your course, which give you the choice of receiving only the hard-copy wallet card for free, or paying a little extra to receive additional items such as a wall certificate and a personal protective equipment keychain.

Getting your online CPR and first aid certification through SimpleCPR is an extremely easy and convenient process – one that can be done right from your home! To learn more about becoming certified online, visit SimpleCPR today!

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