Why You Should Renew CPR Certification

You know the saying “use it or lose it?” This is great advice for improving your basketball game, your trivia skills, or any of your other hobbies.

However, this advice also holds true for more impactful life skills—such as saving lives.

“Use it or lose it” can apply to getting CPR recertification. If you had CPR certification before, pursuing Red Cross CPR online renewal can make a positive impact on your life.

If you’re wondering why you should renew CPR certification, consider these reasons. We bet you’ll want to renew CPR certification after reading them.

You need to renew CPR certification regularly.

You might think it inconvenient to have to renew your certification so often. And since you can renew CPR certification in under an hour, you get two years’ worth of certified skills for only an hour’s worth of effort. That’s a small investment to pay for potentially life-saving skills.

CPR classes online are made available for this very reason. The ease of renewal ensures you’re kept up-to-date with current health standards. Because the more out of practice you are, the higher the chance you might forget something crucial when helping someone. You need your CPR certification to stay current in case of emergencies.

CPR adds easily to your skillset.

Just like any other hobby, your adult CPR knowledge and technique can get rusty with disuse. However, it doesn’t take much to regain your skills—you won’t even have to leave your home! With CPR online renewal, you can get a great set of skills for little time or monetary investment.

If you pride yourself on being a well-rounded individual, getting recertified in a CPR AED course should be at the top of your list. Besides your own personal gratification, expanding your skills beyond CPR can help your professional life too. You can get qualified CPR recertification for healthcare providers from SimpleCPR to expand your work skillset. Consider our other courses for more experience, including certified Red Cross first aid training.

You could save someone’s life.

Do you have skills that can really make a difference?

It goes without saying that having the ability to save someone can make a positive impact on everyone’s lives. You might save a perfect stranger. Or you could save someone you care about. No matter who may be in trouble, you’ll know just what to do. And you won’t have to worry about endangering someone’s life due to outdated practices.

What to Do Next

When someone starts choking and becomes unresponsive, will you have what it takes to help?

When you renew your CPR card online, you get more than knowledge—you get the skills and confidence to make a difference. So when you say to yourself, “Okay—I’m ready to renew my CPR certification online,” we hope you’ll choose us, SimpleCPR, to help you meet your needs.

Because you need to know how to renew CPR certification not only for your own benefit but for the lives you may save. And that’s one hobby that will never get old!

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