First Aid Safety – How to Keep a Safe Home

It is a common to want to upgrade your home. Perhaps when you look around you might decide that it is time for a new rug, a bigger television, or fresh paint. But have you ever considered if the first aid and safety level of your home needs an upgrade?

No matter your lifestyle, whether you live alone, with a spouse or other family, or have children, ensuring that your home is safe is extremely important. There are two steps to having a safe home:

  1. Taking precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.
  2. Having the necessary items to care for injuries if accidents do occur.

While no one can predict when an emergency will occur, being prepared for any potential emergency is the key aspect to the first aid safety of your home. The first step is prevention. You should ask yourself if your home has any potential hazards such as staircases with slick surfaces, unorganized cleaning products, cluttered or narrow walkways, or expired medications. Any one of these things could be a potential danger to you or even to a visitor.

Here is a sample of a home safety checklist:

  • Ensure that all stairways are covered with non-slip/skid surfaces.
  • Check the stairway railing to ensure that it is secure and not loose or wobbly.
  • Always keep cleaning produces in a cool, dry space where there is enough room for the bottles to remain upright. Also check that all lids are fastened tightly and not leaking.
  • Check drains and pipes under sinks to be sure there are no leaks. Prolonged dampness and moisture can lead to unhealthy mold.
  • Replace any expired medication in medicine cabinets.
  • De-clutter common walkways to avoid trip hazards.

You can always add or remove items from your own first aid safety checklist to make it personalized for your own home.

Once you taken preventative safety measures for your home, the next step is having access to emergency care. Purchasing or creating your own first aid safety kit is the best option – make sure it is well stocked and places somewhere that is easily accessible to all family members.

When it comes to your home, first aid and safety is extremely important. To learn more about how to stay safe, react to emergencies, or even save lives, visit SimpleCPR today for online safety training.

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