5 Excellent Ways To Stop Infection From Spreading

Every year, millions suffer from health care-associated infections. What’s surprising is that most of these infections can be prevented easily enough by good hand washing habits.

Hand Washing Saves Lives

By properly washing your hands with soap and water, you essentially kill any bacteria and virus, keeping them from spreading any further. In the most recent outbreak of Ebola outbreak, for instance, hand hygiene played a key role in response and recovery efforts, says the World Health Organization.

That’s why lack of proper hand hygiene can contribute to the spread of infection. As soon as you touch a contaminated object or surface, you immediately run the risk of spreading bacteria and germs. The same thing happens when sick people cough or sneeze without closing their mouths. They immediately let virus agents loose in the air.

Avoid Unsafe Water

If you aren’t sure of where the water comes from, don’t use it. Using unclean or unsafe water for cooking or drinking is dangerous. Boil it first to make sure it’s potable.

Careful Food Preparation and Storage

Some types of food need to be prepared carefully. If you don’t know how to do this, get your research done. Go online or ask friends and family. Also, food can spoil under certain conditions and attract germs as well as bacteria that can cause damage to your health. So store them carefully.

Get an Infection Control Certification

Sometimes the best way to learn how to keep infections at bay is to hear it right from the experts. So opt for an infection control certification program. That way, you’ll have access to the information and training you need to make sure you do your best to kill the spread of germs and infection.

Be Careful With Animals

It’s wise to keep your distance from animals in the wild. You never know what infections rabid animals might carry. When it comes to your own pets, though, make sure they’ve been vaccinated against infections and keep their food stored in a safe place. Otherwise, it could attract rats to your home, which often carry infectious agents that could also infect your pets.


It’s easy to spread germs and infection without even knowing you’re doing it. That’s why training helps. By knowing what to do to make sure you keep your home free from bacteria, virus and infection, you ensure not just your personal safety and health but those of your loved ones as well. For questions and inquiries, get in touch with us at Simple CPR today.

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