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Why Cardiologists Used to Prescribe Mindfulness For Healthy Heart?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and part of this is down to blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A large part of the US population is currently suffering from these conditions and natural deaths (excluding accidents, homicides, etc.) mostly come from heart disease.

There are plenty of different medications that help control some of these factors, but they can’t do much if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

On top of that, stress is a large part of life, mainly stemming from the fact that work nowadays isn’t as relaxing as before. In truth, you will oftentimes have to work overtime and encounter problems that will increase your blood pressure.

You can take medication, or you can search for alternatives. One of these alternatives is related to mindfulness and self-preservation. Cardiologists in the old days used to ‘prescribe’ this as a cure for heart diseases, as in, being mindful to keep a healthy heart. Additionally, we think that being prepared for everything and knowing what to do if an issue arises is essential, which is why we recommend enrolling in a CPR online course.

Let’s take a look at why mindfulness can still be an essential factor in keeping your heart healthy!

It Will Help You Control Stress and Anxiety

We talked about stress a bit earlier, and it’s true that you can’t live without it completely. Even the calmest people in the world can suffer the consequences of stress. Now, mindfulness is very handy here because it will allow you to control the stress you might be feeling.

Anxiety also plays a big role in how you go through life and experience it, and people with anxiety usually have certain problems that prevent them from shining. Being mindful can help you get rid of anxiety and live your life to the fullest!

It Will Help You Control Unwanted Thoughts

Sometimes, things seem so bleak that you can’t help yourself thinking negative and bad thoughts. When this happens, people usually lose interest in what they’re doing, and they become unhappy.

To prevent yourself from having unwanted thoughts (and to get rid of them if you have them now), you’ll need to practice mindfulness. There are plenty of resources online that should help you figure this one out.

You Will Feel Fresh

Waking up in the morning can be tough, especially if you aren’t feeling well. This shows on your face and how you look throughout the day, meaning that you won’t exactly be feeling very fresh or interested. So, the conclusion here is that whatever negativity exists in your life, you won’t look good.

This can also influence how you’re feeling, so make sure you’re looking fresh and happy with mindfulness!

You Will Start Enjoying your Work

Even if you’re working your dream job, it can get quite boring and tedious, thus causing you not to enjoy the work you’re doing. If this happens, it can get difficult getting back on track. I know this from personal example as well; some days are just like that.

But, there is a way to combat this issue. So, again, we’re talking about mindfulness. Understanding everything that’s happening around you and figuring out that you can’t change everything is important. If you can’t influence something, why lose sleep or get angry about it?

It will Improve your Blood Circulation

Stress can cause issues with your heart that aren’t easy to get rid of. Some people turn to cigarettes as a method of relaxing themselves, but this is extremely unhealthy. The healthier alternative is just to let yourself enjoy the moment.

The reason mindfulness is so healthy is that there are so many things that it influences positively. In this case, blood circulation gets better the more you understand this point. The better the circulation, the healthier you’ll be, and the more oxygen will reach your body, organs, etc.

It Will Improve Fatigue

Sitting down to relax after a tough day of work and just thinking everything through will refresh you and let you enjoy the rest of the day correctly. Fatigue can happen and worsen the more extended and tougher your days at work are. Unfortunately, you’ll have to start changing your lifestyle quite drastically if you want to feel energized all the time.

But, if you want to take it slow and slowly, make it better, start improving your mindfulness. Due to it being able to help you calm down, mindfulness can enhance fatigue because you’ll be getting your energy back. Again, there are a couple of alternatives to this, but because mindfulness is so important and healthy, you don’t need a lot more than just this.

It Will Keep you Fit and Happy

So, heart disease. It can appear out of nowhere, but the most common cause is being overweight. People often lose their color when they start gaining weight, but as soon as this happens, the road back is difficult and paved with obstacles. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to turn around and start living healthier, so it’s completely understandable that people take a lot of time to do it.

On the other hand, if you know what the cause is and know what you want in life, you won’t have any issues with being overweight (because, well, it won’t happen). Due to this, mindfulness is considered a very effective method of keeping you fit and happy.

It Will Help Prevent Arrhythmia in High-Risk Adults

High-risk adults (most of which are elders) experience dangerous heart arrhythmia that can cause trouble unexpectedly. There is medication for this, but those that aren’t interested in taking medication can start relaxing and practicing mindfulness. It will calm you down and lower the chance of an arrhythmia happening (because you’re being calm and your heart isn’t struggling).

The Expanding Role of Technology in Healthcare

Numerous technological advancements have connected the daily lifestyle of people with substantial health care benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

mobile healthcare applications

Innovative Mobile Applications:

• The confluence of Smartphones and healthcare technologies is just remarkable. The development of different healthcare applications in Android devices is providing considerable benefits to people having lifestyle diseases due to their stationary work environment.
• These devices help in tracking the distance you traveled, calorie burnt, speed, live tracking, running goals and much more.
• Some examples are Google Fit, Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker, Nike Training Club, etc.

fitness band

Fitness Bands:

• The bands are some of the most innovative healthcare products of our time. They are famous for being convenient and providing real-time assistance to health-conscious people. The way they work is magnificent as there are ample feature starting from tracking distance, calories, blood pressure, heartbeat, sleep and many others.
• Some famous fitness bands are: Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit Bip, GOQii Vital, Mevofit drive, Misfit Flash, Samsung Fitness band, etc.

virtual doctor assistance

Virtual Doctors Assistance:

• With the increasing workload and unhealthy lifestyles, the proportion of people looking to doctors for consultation has drastically decreased.
• To cope up with this situation, there are numerous advancements among the healthcare sector to make contact between the patients and the doctors more frequently. The motive is to provide quality care with frequent medical advice.
• One popular applications working on this scenario is Teladoc enables patients to connect with doctors via a phone call or over the internet and get professional medical advise.
• Another great virtual resource is online CPR training. Learning CPR from the comfort of your own home and on your own time means that these amazing life-saving skills are available to almost anyone.

medical machine

High-tech Medical Machinery:

• The list of medical devices, providing healthcare facilities is uncountable. The benefit of these equipment is realized after being in Health Care Centers. The use of equipment further depends upon the type of diagnosis of the patient.
• Some of the examples are automated MRI machines, CT scans, BP machines, X-ray machines, Lasers and many more.
• There are also some innovative equipment for home convenience like BP checker, Glucose monitoring machine for diabetic patients, etc.



Choking Hazards during the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, full of excitement, family, friends, and fun. Whether it is at an office Christmas party or gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table, much of this time with loved ones centers around exchanging and opening gifts or eating delicious, home cooked meals. While it is certainly a very joyous time of the year, there are also extra precautions to take, during the holiday season to ensure safety and happiness for all, especially with young children.

Unfortunately, the holidays pose more choking hazards than at any other time of the year. Many of the most common choking hazards are surprising to a large number of people. While most of us commonly associate choking with food, the Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that there are many other threats to watch out for, ranging from children’s toys to holiday decorations around the house.

It is important to know common choking hazards and how to prevent choking from happening.

Holiday Object Hazards

Nothing is more exciting than watching children unwrap and enjoy new toys. There is a general rule of thumb, however, for what types of toys you should and should not let your child play with. If it is small enough to fit in an infant or toddler’s mouth, then it is deemed too small to permit them to have. Small objects, such as items found in dollhouses or miniature figurines, are high-risk toys that pose potential choking hazards because they are likely to block the airway. Toys that are made to be broken down into smaller parts or easily destroyed are not the best options for younger children.

Trees and Decorations

Not only are small toys a choking hazard to look out for during the holidays, light bulbs, tinsel, icicles, tree ornaments, or any relatively small decorations are also a threat to younger children. It is imperative to be careful to keep things picked up, because any small object can become a fatal choking hazard if it lands in the wrong hands.

The needles of holiday trees are considered highly dangerous choking hazards because they can cause painful lacerations in the mouths and throats of those who swallow them. Angel hairs, which are often made from finely spun glass, and ornament hangers are other objects found on a holiday tree which, if ingested, may cause cuts, irritation, and damage that could become fatal.

These threats are easily avoidable by checking warning labels, making sure not to leave small objects lying around the house, and making older children aware of choking risks. One can also use the paper towel test before letting any child have a toy. If it is small enough to fit inside a paper towel roll, small children should not be permitted to play with it.

Holiday Food Hazards

In adults, the most common cause of choking is talking while eating. While the holidays are naturally a social time of the year, and it is easy to become distracted, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself until after safely swallowing your food. Some of the most common types of holiday foods that pose the highest choking threats are:

  • Hotdogs
  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Hard Candy
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Cheeses

Hotdogs are by far the most dangerous choking hazard, because of their texture and round shape that lets them lodge nicely in the airway. To prevent the risk of choking, cut hot dogs in half lengthwise so it is no longer tubular in shape.

Popcorn and Candy

Popcorn and peanuts should not be given to any child under the age of four. These small delicacies are often found in dishes around the house, or on holiday trays or spreads, and can easily be accessed by children. Make sure to keep popcorn and peanuts (while heart healthy) as far out of reach as possible.

All candy, whether gooey or hard, poses a choking hazard for anyone, although choking on hard candy is more prevalent than choking on a caramel. A way to reduce this choking risk is to make sure you are not moving when you are consuming candy.


Like hotdogs, carrots, and grapes are choking hazards due to their round shape that easily clogs the airway. To be honest, any type of produce can easily obstruct the airway, so it is crucial to cut sections of any of these items, like apples or oranges, in half lengthwise to reduce the risk of choking.

Meats and Cheese

As popcorn and peanuts are often displayed, meats and cheeses can be found on holiday spreads and trays, too. Meats and cheeses are known for being easily lodged in the throat, so they should all be cut to proper portions. It is important to keep the meat and cheese trays away from small children.

Final Thoughts

While choking hazards may seem intimidatingly frequent and hard to control, they can easily be avoided by taking the proper precautions. Do not become ridden with anxiety during the holiday season, but rather prepare yourself by staying tidy, being careful to eat responsibly, and testing out toys before giving them to your children.