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CPR Flash Mob


In a clever way to keep interest in CPR and to show how simple performing CPR really is, twelve ambulance medics participating in a simple flash mob.

Using a variety of dummy victims from stuffed animals to training mannequins, the medics went through a quick emergency process; pretending to call 911, shouting for help, and administering chest compressions.

They even threw in a few breathes.

They performed to the Bee Gee’s Satyin’ Alive, making the event fairly lively.

Onlookers had a chance to experience the simplicity of CPR by the fearless medics.

Be a hero. Learn CPR!

Adorable Koala Gets CPR

One very lucky koala bear is alive today because of CPR.

Sean the Koala, named after one of the firefighters who rescued him, had apparently been hit by a car at some point within the preceding 24 hours and was having a hard time moving.

Sean the Koala had been put in a tree by a passerby, and climbed even higher when the firemen arrived. As they pulled him from the tree, his heart stopped.

An animal care provider immediately started CPR on the young koala, with the help of firefighter Sean, and Sean the Koala is doing well.

Be a hero. Learn CPR.

Ornery Man Saved With CPR

Death can happen in a split second. Just as it did when 25-year-old Shonda Eister witnessed her 61-year-old father fall down the basement steps.

Eister immediately called 911 and followed CPR instructions by administering chest compression for at least ten minutes until help arrived.

Her father began breathing before he was helicoptered to the hospital. Eister had never learned CPR, but she’s grateful she was there to help her father, who did suffer brain damage from a lack of oxygen.

Her father has returned home and will soon be helping out on the farm again.

“He’s as ornery as ever,” Eister laughed.

Be a hero. Learn CPR!