CPR Kiosk

Iowa Mall has Kiosk that Teaches CPR

A first-in-Iowa high-tech kiosk is opening at a shopping mall in central Iowa today with the goal of teaching people a few simple steps that could help to restart a heart. Doug Fiore, president of Mercy College of Health Sciences, says the kiosk is emblazoned with the words, “Learn to save a life,” and it […]

fire dept cpr

It Took Over an Hour, but Northwest Fire Crew Saved Woman’s Life by Performing CPR

Amanda Burgos is getting a second chance at life thanks to a Northwest Fire crew. On Dec. 17, Amanda was in the waiting room at an urgent care clinic when she went into cardiac arrest. An employee there started CPR on the 62-year-old woman before Northwest Fire arrived. Burgos says she remembers her name being […]

Hispanic Community

More CPR Training May Be Needed in Hispanic Neighborhoods

Having CPR performed by a bystander can double the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. But a new study shows that you’re less likely to get help, and therefore less likely to survive, if your heart stops in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood. The study, published Monday in the American Heart Association journal     Circulation, found the […]