health apps

Finding and Utilizing the Best Mobile Health Apps

Thinking about health, diet, hydration, workout, sleep cycle and meditation is nearly impossible in daily routine. Luckily, internet and technology in 21st century has hundreds of apps to keep a track of your fitness and health. With the best health mobile apps. It is easy to download your companion for a healthy body and mind. […]

hands only CPR

Save Lives through Hands-Only CPR

Irregular heartbeats in cardiac arrest disturbs the blood flow to lungs, brain and other organs which can ultimately lead to death. Reaching the hospital on time or getting the quickest first aid are the only possible ways to save life. American heart association claims 90% of the deaths from cardiac arrest are due to unavailability […]

zika virus answers

Simple Answers to Zika Virus Related Questions

After the appearance of Zika Virus in 2013, almost every internet user is interested in searching for the information related to structure, transmission, outbreak regions and disease related dangers of the virus. For scientists there are still many unanswered questions but for a common man there is significant information available on the internet. Finding straight […]