Why Learn CPR?

CPR infographic

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Can you believe that only 70% of the American public knows how to perform CPR. Especially considering how many people go into cardiac arrest annually, and how effective CPR can be if administered to a cardiac arrest victim, it’s a very discouraging number.

Think about it this way: in your lifetime, someone you know and love is likely to suffer from cardiac arrest and require CPR to save their life. The more people who know how to administer CPR, the more likely this person will make a full recovery. Even if you know how to do CPR, you should also encourage others to learn as well. It’s quite a useful tool when done correctly and swiftly.

And learning CPR is easy peasy with Simple CPR. Just a few hours and you’ll be ready to be the local hero! ONline CPR has never been easier! Don’t be one of the 70% of Americans who can’t step in and save a life! Learn CPR with Simple CPR today!

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