Seizure First Aid

If you have ever wondered what to do when someone is having a seizure or how to provide first aid for a seizure, you are not alone. Epilepsy, a tendency to have seizures that start in the brain, is relatively common worldwide. As common as this condition is, though, there is still little that can be done for someone who is having an attack. Even so, there are a few important procedures for seizure first aid that everyone should know.

1. Understand the different types of seizures.
There are different types of seizures that a person can have, which can also affect the type of first aid treatment they require. Focal seizures affect only part of the brain and can manifest as unusual behavior, such as an odd smell or taste, twitching, sudden emotional swings, confusion, wandering, or unusual movements. Generalized seizures are often more complex and violent as they affect both sides of the brain and occur without warning. These generally include attacks such as sudden stiff or limp muscles that cause the victim to fall, muscle jerks, or full convulsions.

2. Know what type of seizure first aid to provide.
It can be unnerving and even scary to witness someone having a seizure, which is why it is always important for you to remain calm while providing assistance. The first step in first aid for a seizure is to always make sure that victims do not injure themselves. For example, if someone is having a convulsive seizure, move away any furniture or surrounding objects and place a towel underneath their head (or gently hold their head) to prevent it from hitting the ground. For more mild seizures, minimize potential harm as much as possible without fully restraining the victim.

3. Realize that reassurance is key.
Seizures are an upsetting event for both the victim and potential onlookers. Always remember to give the victim emotional support as well as the physical support of seizure first aid. Reassure them that everything is fine, and do your best to minimize any embarrassment that they might feel in the case of a public attack.

First aid for a seizure is not a complicated procedure, however it does require a certain level of knowledge and understanding of the victim’s physical and emotional condition. To learn more about seizure first aid or other first aid procedures, visit SimpleCPR to take your first aid class today!

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