CPR Brought Them Together

50th Anniversary Of CPR Marked In San Francisco

They started off strangers on a train, and ended up brothers for life.

Neither man was on his normal routine, but fate, and the Long Island Rail Road, brought these two together in a life-changing event.

Marshall, 60, was standing near Gerow, 50, when Marshall’s heart stopped. And instantly, like it was yesterday, Gerow recalled learning CPR when he was a boy scout, nearly four decades ago.

Gerow immediately took action, performing CPR. The paramedics arrived at the next stop, and Gerow disappeared from the train with a round of applause.

Marshall survived, but had no idea who the man was that saved his life, so his wife posted it on Facebook, and the rest is history.

The men had an emotional meeting, and Marshall said, “He’s a brother for life.”

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