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CPR Newbie Saves Life

First time CPR user, Officer Villarreal, saved a life.

After finishing her first day of jury duty, Pam Miller collapsed outside the courthouse.

When Villarreal heard her head hit the concrete, he rushed over, determined there was no pulse or heart beat, and smartly began CPR until help arrived.

Villareal said he was scared but set to work and started praying.

A teary-eyed Pam Miller is extremely grateful to him.

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Every Minute Counts in CPR

The chances of survival for a cardiac arrest victim decline by ten-percent every minute that life support—CPR— is not provided.

This translates to a very small window of survival for the victim.

Recently, rugby coach Jeff Ford suffered heart failure, but his friends began CPR.

“I have a ten-year-old daughter, a wife, a family, without their help I would’ve been in a pine box,” Ford said of his friends.

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Woman Saves Firefighter with CPR

A former firefighter, Clark, suffered from sudden cardiac arrest after paying his dining bill last Mother’s Day.

If it hadn’t been for the stranger, a woman, who immediately began CPR, and the emergency responders who used a defibrillator, the ex-fireman would not be alive today.

Clark taught CPR for more than twenty years and urges everyone to get certified.

“It does work. It’s not that difficult to do,” Clark said.

Clark and his wife delivered cookies to the fire station along with his gratitude.

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