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afraid to perform CPR

Are you Afraid to Perform CPR?

The number of people trained in CPR is somewhat less than one might expect. This is rather unfortunate since performing CPR can double or even triple the chance someone lives. Ideally, everyone would be taught CPR in school as part of their core curriculum. However, that’s not the case and some people are even fearful of trying to perform CPR.

Fear of Hurting the Critical Person

Most of the people have this fear in the essence that they might hurt the victim rather than giving the intended relief. And, improper CPR can cause injury, such as damaging the inner rib structure. But, when done correctly, CPR is much more likely to save someone’s life than it is to hurt them.

Fear of Being Sued

What if somebody files a lawsuit against you for administering CPR on them? The chance of this happening is low as their are protectionist laws in most countries. It is very unlikely that you get sued for performing CPR, but to be on the safe side you should undergo formal CPR training so that you can be sure you are performing the procedure correctly.

Fear of Performing CPR Incorrectly

This is one of the most common fears for lost of people giving CPR assistance. If you’ve never performed CPR before, it is natural to be afraid the first time your skills are needed. However, like with anything else, the more you use those skills the more proficient you become and the more natural it feels. Renewing your CPR certificate is a good way to stay on top of your game.

Fear of Catching Disease

You might be unaware of the medical conditions of the victim to whom you are going to give CPR. The fear of catching the same communicable disease is a reason why people get reluctant in helping the person in medical crises. Mouth guards are common for medical professionals, but even if you have one you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have it with you. The good news is that in many situations, mouth to mouth resuscitation isn’t necessary and chest compressions alone are very effective.

The best way to put your mind at ease is to take a CPR training course. Thanks to modern technology, you can become CPR certified by taking an online exam. has several courses to choose from, and often, you can complete the course in less than an hour.

CPR babysitting

Why Every Babysitter Should Have CPR Training

Finding an adequate babysitter is easier than ever. There are online websites and apps that make the process smooth and click-button easy. You can get past references, look at reviews, do criminal background checks, and more all from your phone or web browser.  One thing that not everyone might know to check for is whether the babysitter knows CPR. This is super important for the safety and well being of your child, as you never know when an accident will happen. These days, there is no excuse for a babysitter, or anyone else, not to know the life saving skills that CPR training provides. Anyone can take an online CPR training course from the comfort of their own home. If you are a babysitter, or other caregiver, that is on the fence about getting a CPR certificate, think about the following benefits:

  • CPR Training Allows you to Properly Assess the Emergency Situation
  • CPR Training Gives the ability to Analyze the Immediate Need of the Victim
  • CPR Training Provides Necessary Life-Saving Skills When Seconds Matter
  • CPR Training Allows You to Keep a Cool and Level Head when facing an Emergency
  • CPR Training Means Knowing to Always Call for an Emergency Response Team. 

When there is a life on the line, particularly when you’ve been entrusted to care for that specific individual, learning CPR is essential. It can honestly be the difference between life and death. If you need a CPR certificate, have a look at the affordable courses available from If you are a parent, always ensure that your babysitter of choice is CPR Certified.

Advanced CPR Training

CPR Training – The Course That Can Save Someone’s Life

One of the difficult tests of life is the ability to respond to a sudden situation, especially when it comes to an emergency. The day we become flourish to handle it, will surely make us feel proud. To achieve that success,  the most required is the capacity building. The advancement in science and technology has to lead to new innovative outcomes, the spectacular results of the life-saving tool, CPR, is still unmatchable at the time of emergencies.

The first requisite is to enhance your willpower and to balance your ability to tackle while seeing your near ones struggling. The procedure to follow while having CPR training is the same for all age groups, but there is a need to give special attention in case of children. There are proper guidelines assigned by different International organizations that encourage CPR methodology.

CPR certification course by The National CPR Association, comes with three credentials. All of them are in a solitary and exceptionally streamlined manner. The course is formulated with proper assistance from health care providers. The primary motive of our online course is to train you with real authentic CPR methodologies. As it is an online course, it has a better chance to reach to the masses. Students, employees, businessmen, teachers, people from all professional backgrounds can opt this course. Rather than being a ‘want’ based course, it is a ‘need’ based course. Who knows, you might save someone’s life someday because of the knowledge gained through this course.

We will give you the entire test preparation material and practice papers. The materials are organized by our expert healthcare specialist to make it easily understandable. Here, you will get an extensive knowledge about passing the AED certification level for CPR. The training topics include varied topics like cardiac arrest, drug overdose, choking issues, and External Defibrillators, etc. After getting the training, you will become fully fledged CPR giver.

We provide you with the best opportunity to explore your potential for social benefit. After clearing the exam, you will receive an email certification, which includes your details and passing date. The National CPR Association has done everything conceivable to guarantee that your CPR, AED, and emergency treatment preparing are as viable and quick as could reasonably be expected!